Friday, 13 July 2012

Word received June 2012

I am sending a fire across this nation
that will not be able to be quenched
by any man made organisation.
The fire of My Spirit will sweep through this land
and burn away the dross that has gathered over many years
so that the world may see the church as she really is
and not a tarnished image of what I intend her to be.
My fire will breathe life into dying congregations
and birth new ones across this land.
No one will be able to control or take credit for this move of My Spirit
and it will be welcomed by all who love My name.
I will not share My glory with another
and I will not allow a human to take any credit for what My Spirit will do in these days.
Many will come to know Me and be swept into the kingdom.
Do not doubt that this is the work of My hand
but embrace what I am going to do in your nation through My people and by My Spirit
says the Lord.

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