Saturday, 26 December 2015

Northland Christmas holiday

Green bush pushing
vivid blue
sky and sea
mirroring and expanding
a continuous color palette
thick and mysterious
in the depths
against rocks
where purple and white jellyfish
float aimlessly in communities
with stragglers
left stranded
on the high tide mark
soft and slippery underfoot.

A pair of orange beaked and eyed,
black plumed birds
defend their nest
with bold attack
towards intruders.
Sticks deter them
but their shrieking complaint
is not silenced
until we leave their territory.

The incoming tide
over hot pale sand
creates warm shallows.
Out further the ocean currents
are cold and unforgiving.

The tiny boat bounces over
the wind tipped waves
back to the sweep of beach.

Place of blessed earth
and rest
and re-creation.

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