Saturday, 23 January 2016

Let me know

Let my life count for something.

Let it count
in the passage of time,
in the sight of history.

Let someone be sad
at my passing.
Let someone have joy
in my living.

Let someone imagine me
with fondness,
and feel an empty space
when I'm not there.

Let someone think of me
at first light
and close of day.

Let me know
I matter,
that my life
is significant.

That I am not a mistake,
a random act of nature,
a cluster of cells
created to decay,
and disappear
without meaning.

Let me know I am loved
that someone would stand up for me,
protect me from an enemy,
lay down their life for me.

Let me know that I'm worth it,
that I have value
and purpose
and eternal destiny.

Let me know.
Let me know.

1 comment:

wjb said...

Much of my time I seem to have been hiding in the garden
I guess I chose to take the long way home
Seldom understanding the ways of God I challenged Him often
Twenty years in the wilderness before any clarity
Some of my deepest pain is now a blessing to me, now seen in His plan
Every time I get up, the Lord seems to be walking past me and He reaches out His hand
I never have to run after him, or try to catch up

One of my favourite passages in the bible is when Steven is being stoned and he looks up and
sees Jesus standing at the right hand of God; that is my reality.

Several of your blogs have helped me to my feet.