Saturday, 12 March 2016


I am thankful
that I wake every morning
through the year's turning,
grateful for another day
laden with God's grace
towards me.

I am thankful
that I can speak
words of blessing
to my family and others.
I can breathe in
the new day deeply
and breathe out praise
to My Creator.

I am thankful
that I can walk
and run
and dance
if I want to,
work hard co-laboring amidst Creation,
and feel the pleasure
of accomplishment satisfied.

I am thankful
that I can hear
love and care
from others speech,
words chosen to bring life.
I can know the joy and
comfort in friendship shared.

I am thankful
that I can see
God's wonders
pressing in
causing me delight.
Sun, stars and moon
illuminating His Glory.

I am thankful
that I can know God.
Not just know about Him,
but know Him in the intimacy of silence
and the communion of worship.

I can speak with Him,
walk with Him, hear His voice,
see His works.
wake each day knowing
He is always there.

I am thankful.

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