Saturday, 12 August 2017

Meditation on Isaiah 42 verse 6

"I the Lord,
have called You in righteousness,
And will hold Your hand."

The Lord will hold my hand.

How would it be for the Lord
to hold my hand?

Strong, secure,
caring, loving,
all knowing,
never taken by surprise.

Aware of the final outcome
of any and every event.
Not flustered, unfazed,
deliberate, peaceful.

Gracious, grace filled,
grace giving and receiving.
Not condemning or judging,
allowing love and light to overcome.

Wise and understanding,
measured thoughtfulness and response.

Thinking and wanting
the best for others,
seeing them through Heaven's eyes.

Unhurried, unstressed,
in total balance,
replete and ready
to share every good gift.

Righteousness and right living,
and forgiving,
and welcoming again
any who have turned aside.

Beauty and truth,
worship and wonder.

How would it be
for the Lord to hold my hand
each day?

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