Sunday, 26 May 2013

Word received 15.5.2013

A time of intense turbulence is coming, and people will think it is the end of all things, but it is not.  For many more things must happen before the end. Nations will rise up against nations and peoples who lived in harmony will turn to enmity. Hatred will increase in the world and the love of my disciples will become more obvious to those who do not yet know me.
I am making a choice so clear that no one will be able to say they could not see a difference between those who know me and those that don't. You will be hated by all nations but those I call will answer and will lay down their lives for each other.
Stand fast on my Word for such confusion is coming on the earth that people will no longer know what they think. I will make my truth plain to see and many will come to me. There is a time of great discouragement coming on the earth when people's hearts will fail and they will cry out for something to cover them. My people will be as beacons of hope in the darkness and many will be drawn to me.
There is a time when I will shake out the earth as if it is a sheet held by its four corners and many will be convinced that this is indeed the end. But it is not and will not be until every word that has gone out of my mouth will be fulfilled in its completeness. Do not fear or be troubled for all these things must come but I am with you as my Word has said to the end of all things.

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