Thursday, 17 October 2013

Retrospective Prophecy (16.6.2001)

 Here O people
 this is what the Lord is saying to the nation of New Zealand
 by his Holy Spirit.
 Listen to me my people
 listen to me and do not be slow of hearing
 for this is a message that runs to you
 so catch it while you can still hear it.
 A time is coming and has already come
 when great darkness is trying to consume the land
 but my desire for this land of New Zealand
 is for it to be a bright burning flame of fire to my glory.
 It is up to my saints who live in this land to pray
 and turn back the tide of darkness
 which is encroaching while there is still time.
 I want New Zealand to be a cornerstone in my plan
 for the coming last days, a pivot on which many things are hinged.
 But I need my people to pray in cooperation for my will to be done
 in this place so that the enemy will not have his way.
 Arise my people, stir your hearts, gird your loins
 and run with this vision to see New Zealand burning bright for me.
 It is not impossible for me to do these things
 and I long to answer your prayers if only you would ask.
 Turn to me again, humble your hearts before me, seek my face, and you will find me in this day
 says the Lord.

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