Sunday, 22 December 2013


There is a sense of fulfilment that people search for their entire lives
but can never find
because they are looking in the wrong places
at the wrong times
with the wrong people.
Life is full of tragedies that come from this
Some seek fulfilment in noise
some in pleasure
some in hard work
some in fame.
We look at the richly famous,
the very attractive people,
ambassadors for all that is desirable in the world.
We hang on their every word,
until the day they fall from their shiny pedestal,
leaving others to rake through the ashes of their lives.

There is a fulfilment
so simple
so profound
that everyone can receive it.
It's the fulfilment of a promise made to the first of humankind.

Grace and truth lived among us.
It's what we celebrate at Christmas.
God was born as a baby.
His name is Jesus.

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