Saturday, 7 December 2013


God longs for you to know Him better.
Do you know that?
Do you believe it?
Does it change the way you behave every day?
Can you imagine why the Creator of the universe would want you to know Him better?

Some talk about relationship with God
and then act
like it's just another religion.

I wouldn't talk to my best friend on the phone
and not expect her to say something back.
I wouldn't ask her to help me with something
and then not expect to see a response.

You might say
God must be busy with bigger issues than my life.
I don't even like myself sometimes.
How can He be interested?
Why should He care about me?

So you say to yourself
I will just stay busy trying to solve my own issues
and pretend I know enough about life to get through it
so people think everything's okay with me

but I've got this longing

deep inside.

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