Sunday, 13 July 2014

Birthday Girl

I turn forty-five
in a few days time.
I used to think that sounded old,
not any more.
Birthdays are often
recollection times
of former years.
Sifting significant memories.
Parties of my youth
where the treasure hunt prizes
were brightly wrapped toothbrushes,
which only a dentist's daughter
wouldn't think of as strange.
Baked creations by grandparents,
unique masterpieces every year.
My six year old tear stained face distraught
as a ladybird cake was cut up
before it's official photograph was taken.
Summer barbecue gatherings of relatives.
Raspberries, strawberries and chocolate cake
Gifted sweet scented soaps,earrings and more chocolate.
Time treasured cards
too precious to throw away.
Kind words written by loved ones
who genuinely care.
Exchanging English mid summer
for the depths of New Zealand winter storms.
Missing far away parents who made me possible.
Yet glad
so very glad
to be alive.

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