Friday, 11 July 2014


We live in Northland
New Zealand
and we are flooded.
Not in our home or our street
but throughout the whole region.
Sixty or more roads closed
East and West
travelling North or South
blocked by slips
or under water.
We're cut off
from the rest of the country.
You see this sort of thing on the news
beamed from different places
around the globe.
Now it's here.
Four days of storms
high winds
torrential rain.
Another "once in a hundred years" event
so soon after the last.
Civilization grinds to a halt
reading by candle light comes back into fashion.
Thousands of homes without power
for hours or days.
Road blocks and warning signs
There is no way through
however hard you try.
I'm thankful
we are safely
at home
in this

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