Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kiwi Ball

Sequins sparkle,
fairy lights shine strung in streamers of iridescent light,
bright turquoise table cloths scattered with glistening glass,
reflecting tea light glow.

Young men almost unrecognizable
scrubbed up
and standing awkwardly
in their imprisoning suits.

Necks have ties,
and smart trousers
replace shorts and jandals.
Dress shoes foreign to the feet that wear them
make their annual appearance.

They stand in clumps
secretly glad
that they blend seamlessly with their peers,
not overdressed or under
for that would be disastrous.

Suspended lanterns float above the dance floor
still pools of tranquility above the noise.
Meters of taffeta and silk
sway to the music,
colors through the beauty palette
shimmer in the half light.

Hair curled, twisted and set to perfection,
nail polish and make up applied
with professional precision,
ready for the photos
and admiration of others.

The young ladies want to stand out,
each individual dress pleasingly admired.
High heel shoes paraded in,
are later cast aside.

Familiar music
brings murmurs of appreciation.
Everyone knows the lyrics
to their generation's songs.

The supper
presented with style,
is set upon

Parents flock
late in the evening,
to retrieve their loved ones
safely to their homes.

This world is full of wonder and beauty,
joy and excitement,
the harder things of life
completely forgotten
for these few precious hours.

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