Saturday, 4 February 2017


We do not like to fail
and yet we do.
All of us to a degree,
some more honest about it
than others.

Some find the failure
attracts their continued attention,
others dig deep burial pits
to hide their failures in.

It is a common past time for mankind.
We fail often
and sometimes seem stubborn
to learn from the simplest of lessons,
returning anew
to the place of our failure,
with a winsome wish
that this time it will be different.

Of course it is not
and failure becomes our friend,
the only one
we can truly rely on
to turn up,
as we try to forge forward.

Failure seems to choose us
as if we had won
some sick life lottery,
that is stacked against to us to ever succeed.

A history of failure
becomes a future of failure,
as night follows day,
although the days are very short
and the nights unreasonably long.

Does this pitiful pattern have to persist
or can we somehow be free?

There is One who is faithful to
forgive me of all my failures
and show me a different way.

If only I can agree to receive
this forgiveness,
extend it to others,
and learn to forgive
when I fail.

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