Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Lane Continued

A full twelve months has passed
since we saw each other.
My black laced boots
rhythmically crush the deep white powder.

Ancient apple boughs
with winter burden bowed,
glimpse through icicle hung hedges.

This snowy lane is steeped
in memory.
We first kissed here,
and made private promises,
that did not withstand
his families different plans.

 A purposeful heavy tread,
magnified in the sparkling air,
draws closer.

I dare not look behind,
until strong hands
hold my shoulders,
and turn me towards
his enveloping embrace.

Words still unnecessary
as our eyes express

Hearts press together,
separated only
by heavy winter clothes,
and propriety.

Visible frosted breath
meets moments before our lips.
Our souls reconnected
and clinging closely in delight.

Covenant words of commitment
will soon be spoken
in others hearing
in ancient chapel.

But as for now
we are blissfully
alone in this lane,
and his words of love
are simply
whispered to me.

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