Saturday, 4 March 2017

What Time Is It?

It is time to count
with the measurement
of eternity,
and not with the short trapped gaze
of this passing age.

It is time to lay up heaven treasure,
so that we do not
with wistful tears,
wonder what our lives
might have been.

It is time to go into the
harvest fields,
and with word yoked actions
pull forth
weight of blessing into other lives.

It is time to talk with those
whose grief edged loneliness
smothers them,
allowing their fragile formed words
space and time.

It is time to refuse to judge
when help is needed,
and to not wait for thanks,
knowing recompense
will come in other ways.

It is time to run the race,
to fight the good fight,
and to hear the well done,
when this time comes to an end.

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