Saturday, 11 March 2017

Wide Eyed Grief

Wide eyed grief,
as silent and as still as death,
wraps my soul
in darkness.

I cannot comprehend
normal life,
and uncaring faces,
that glance but do not know
my journey.

Knife edged grief,
piercing and prodding
at inopportune moments,
causing complete crumpling
of my paper heart.

Eyes so tear blurred,
they cannot see
the carded words of comfort,
and must blink away
as worn out windscreen wipers,
accomplishing nothing.

Thick fogged thoughts
in a heavy head,
grapple with everyday chores,
ten times slower
and done without delight.

Heavy numbness
alternating erratically
with shooting pain.
The heart jostled
by crowded emotions,
unable to find
the space to breathe.

Regretted unspoken words,
and more so completed actions
that can no longer be undone,
linger as fellow mourners.

Death is always unwelcome
whatever the arrival time,
as it ushers in
this wide eyed grief.

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