Saturday, 6 May 2017

Hypothetical Faith

I want to try to bring
my ordered
hypothetical faith
into real life,
but sometimes it refuses to fit,
or even to comprehend
the mess it is surrounded by.

Neat arguments about
the do's and don'ts,
become undone
in the presence of fallen man.

I want to grasp faith fully
and forward step without faltering.

It sounds so simple,
yet a hundred jostling jibes
want to dissuade me,
suggesting I return another day.

Sometimes I feel like hypothetical salt
in a container whose lid cannot open,
in case some grains escape
into the community,
and cause havoc
with healing in the streets.

I look for Jesus
to wipe His feet
with my hypothetical tears,
but He is busy
about His Father's business,
and I realize afresh
so I should be.

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