Saturday, 27 May 2017

False Doctrine

The enemy's intention
to separate God and man,
and mankind from each other.

Subtle turning of truth
to appear with authority,
but underneath
the usurping Edenic lies remain.

Hindering the Father's freedom
for His children,
glorious liberty constrained
by turgid tradition,
and aspiring arguments
sent to suffocate.

Contentions and
peace ripped harmony,
broken by bad behavior,
sanctioned by serpent cunning,
dishonoring close kindred,
and collapsing covenant.

Partial plausibility digs
false foundations in the heart,
tarnishing other truths
as they are filtered through.

There will come a day
when all false doctrine
with tears will be wiped away,
as we see God as He truly is,
and each other as we truly are.

Until then Lord
protect us from all that
would separate us,
from each other,
and from You.

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