Saturday, 3 June 2017

Rhythm Of Righteousness

There is a steady repetition
of righteousness,
a rhythm of grace
that counts out each day,
as the beat
of an eternal drum.

A conscious choice
of conscience,
not seeking dull religion,
but the extreme expression
of fully lived life,
day by day.

Each choice continues
to add
artwork strokes
currently unclear,
but when in time revealed,
will show the Artist's brilliance.

Unseen and
unapplauded actions
form faith foundations,
strong enough
to raise life's landscape,
disrupting devil's plans.

Each decision daily
determined on,
build walls of righteousness
unconquerable to outsiders,
that can only be betrayed
by the one within.

It is our hidden
and unseen
and unheard
that most need this
rhythm of righteousness,
and as we search for it
we will find
all our answers
in Him.

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