Saturday, 17 June 2017

Burning Bright

I see your life
burning bright,
glow of God's Spirit
in you,
manifestly present
by His presence.

Encroaching darkness
does not dim
your brightness,
but adds
beautiful contrast
to your witness.

The lines are
clearly drawn.
There is no
mistaking now
those whose
walk witnesses
to the world
wonder and God's glory.

Some may not
understand or
want to see,
but the brightness
of His light
in you shines
for them anyway.

Your light beckons gently,
the safe space among
the world's ever
increasing injury,
as events so crammed
with trauma
drip feed despair
from every device.

So burn bright
and do not
dim your light
through choices made
without understanding
proper preparation,
and critical consequence.

Your one light life
can show the way
to multitudes,
if you allow yourself
to be perfectly positioned.

So keep burning bright.

Burn bright.

Burn bright.

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