Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Long Way Home

It's a long way home
if you are walking
in the opposite direction,
refusing to heed advice
or wisdom from others honesty,
or the Creator's manual.

Your journey takes you through
deep chasms of chaos,
hard hurdles of
broken self promises,
anguish and agony
of self defeating
errors of judgment,
as destined dreams are destroyed.

You live only
for the moment,
but in that moment
life looks like death,
as you take short cuts
to nowhere good.

You are a servant to no one,
but a slave to all
who would call you
to sacrifice everything,
with nothing to show for it,
but the revelation
you should have changed
direction long ago,
as you count out your
misery marking milestones.

The long way home
doesn't have to be.

It is much closer than you think,
if you turn around now.

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