Saturday, 1 July 2017


I feel numb
from hearing your news.
It is your tragedy,
and it will change your life
in every way, forever.

I feel numb
at your loss.
A numbness that has settled
as silence around my soul.

I sit
and am shocked
at life's unexpected blows,
that do not drop a single person
but all those close around.
A ten pin tumbling
of shattered lives.

Close tragedy makes us numb,
but we steel ourselves
as we watch the news,
so we do not break down daily
and weep at the fruit
of this so broken earth.

We can become immune
to suffering,
as if we have
vacuumed sealed our souls,
and no longer feel
rejoicing or despair.

So I will allow this
state of being numb,
and will not chase it away,
for it shows me my soul still cares,
and I want you to know I do.

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