Saturday, 8 July 2017

Temptation's Door

Do not linger long
at temptation's door.
The longer you stay,
the harder it will be to walk away.

The longer you linger,
the more likely you are
to grasp the handle,
and set the door ajar,
just to look.

The longer you look,
the more the vision
will fill your senses,
until the siren call
drowns out your conscience voice.

The longer the vision
dances before your eyes,
the harder it is
to see darkness for what it is.

Your eyes grow accustomed
to the lack of light,
and the shadows do not
frighten you as they should.

You stand on the threshold
with the door swung wide,
and nothing remains
except for you to take the final step.

Thoughts of consequence
have long since gone.
Wisdom words of the Creator
duly discarded.

The high price that will be paid
does not register
until it is too late,
for the one who has
lingered long at temptation's door.

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