Saturday, 22 July 2017


What will people say about you
when you leave this room,
this life?

What difference made
will be noticed,

What wisdom words
will others onward carry
from you,
noting their origin
with fondness?

How do you change
the atmosphere when you arrive?
Are others glad to see you,

or see the back of you?

Do you stand out in a crowd?
Do you want to?

Can you remember the last time
someone was thankful
for a kindness you did or said?
Can you remember the cause?

Do you understand how others
look at you,
see you,
think about you?

Is it a true reflection?
Are you the same with others and alone?
How many different masks do you wear?

Do others know that you love them,
care for them,
treasure them?
Is your life precious to them?

Do you understand what legacy truly means?

Do I?

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