Wednesday, 22 February 2012


 It's a hideous thing this curse of dissatisfaction
 a horror that seeps into
 your soul
 and saturates it.
 It brings its own clouds and rain
 to an otherwise sunny day
 and threatens to spoil the most
 perfect of moments.
 It has not received its fair share
 of bad press
 for it lurks with the minor sins
 looking askance at the more
 unmentionable ones
 satisfied in the knowledge that
 humanity cannot see it
 for what it is.
 It climbs onto the victor's podium
 of many a life
 spoiling and souring the success
 that could have been.
 So I hate you and I name you
 and cast you out into
 the darkness where you belong
 and from whence you slithered
 in the first place.

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