Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Word recieved October 2011

 Do not compare me to other gods
 for I am not like the gods
 you make in your own image.
 I am not like the ones made
 of tin or brass, bronze or stone.
 I am not like the ones people
 carry around on their arms or their necks,
 trusting in shapes or symbols.
 I am not just the God of history
 who you read about
 or the God of the future
 that you hope for.
 I am the God of the present day
 the God of now.
 You can seek me now.
 You can find me now.
 You can know me know.
 Don't just know about me
 know me
 know my voice
 know my leading
 for I desire to be known by each one of you.

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