Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Word recieved November 2011

The day is coming and is now near at hand
When the Lord shall arise like a mighty man
The sword of judgment shall be in His mouth
 for He comes to judge the world of its unrighteousness and contempt for His name.
 He is coming to judge that which can be judged,
 and to shake that which can be shaken.
 He will filter the thoughts and hearts of His people
 and bring a cleansing fire to burn away the dross that has established itself in people's lives.
 He will bring a call for unity,
 that love will be the benchmark of those who are known by His name.
 And He will bring a call for purity,
 that there would be an abandoning of the ways of the world's system
 and a fresh adherence to the content of His word.
 There will be a struggle between those who are half-hearted,
 and those who want to commit fully to the kingdom
 and there will be a departure from old ways that were ordained by man.
 There will be bringing up and letting go of all that is seen as dross in people's lives,
  for I desire a holy people separated to me in this day of evil, says the Lord.

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