Friday, 8 May 2015


Mothers are marvelous beings    they can see from in front and behind
They know what their child is doing    almost all of the time.
They are caring, compassionate,    cuddly and fun
Only grumpy and grouchy    when having to run.
Their smiles are so warm    meaning a million words
Of love and affection    and you are so heard.

They believe and have hope   in most difficult times
Hearing the night clock     through all its shortest chimes.
They rejoice and celebrate      in victories won
And they’re there for the bad times     and working through sums.
They are constantly busy     and never sit down
Except when they’re visiting friends     or at the Dentist’s in town.

They glory in triumph      and weep for defeat
And make sure your clothes     are tidy and neat.
They are marvelous cooks     and even when not
Food is flavored with love      as it comes from the pot.
They are happy and kind     in the midst of a storm
And can see in your soul     if you’re feeling forlorn.

Mothers are wonderful      as you can see

God made them that way       for you and for me.

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