Friday, 8 May 2015

Word Received 2.5.2015

A time of increased devastation is coming
on the earth and has already come.
Disaster upon disaster shall come 
but do not let your hearts grow cold
towards those who are in despair.
Pray for My will and My kingdom
to come on the earth
with a fervency you have not known yet.
Cry out to me with true intercession,
standing in the gap for those who do not
yet know how to call on me as Father.
I will be blamed for the catastrophes
but I am not the one causing them.
The earth is groaning and laboring, 
all creation waits for the sons and daughters
of God to be manifest
and to wield their rightful authority on the earth.
Your prayers can bring change on a level
that is as yet not imagined by you.
You do not yet believe the authority
I have given you to bring
My kingdom onto the earth.
Rise up in that authority and declare My purposes 
so that the people who do not yet
know of My love shall come to Me.
Creation is groaning to see My life in you brought forth.

Allow it to come and do not resist
the move of My Spirit in these days,” says the Lord.

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