Wednesday, 20 May 2015

God the Father

Our Father says
He does not want His children begging for bread
when He has all the riches of heaven
and His Kingdom
to pour out to them.
He doesn't want His children
to live in poverty of spirit,
to be paupers.
He wants them to recognize their place in His family
as sons and daughters of the King.
He wants them to recognize the gifts and treasures
He has stored up for them,
and He wants us to just accept them
and thank Him for them.
We do not need to beg for them
from an owner of an orphanage,
wondering if he will
be in a good mood to give us a little.
God the Father delights
to pour out His blessings on us,
to lavish them upon us
because of His great goodness,
not because we have done
or need to do anything
to deserve it.
His love is extravagant
and extreme.
His love is strong, passionate,
fiercely protective,
delighting, rejoicing over us.
We have been fed a lie
that we need to earn His favour.
It is impossible to earn it
because we already have it.
We have His favour
Live in it,
live like you believe it.
Rejoice in it for His favour will never fail,
never diminish,
never change,
constant for eternity,
constantly with Him for eternity.

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