Sunday, 7 June 2015

Word received for Kaeo Church 6.6.2015

Hear what the Spirit says to the church in Kaeo. Have I not brought you forth out of the womb of My purposes? Have I not nursed you and caused you to stand on your feet? Hear today what I will declare over you. That I will show forth My glory from Kaeo and My praise shall go throughout the earth. For I am digging a well in the Spirit and out of that well will come the sound of many waters. Water to satisfy the parched earth, water to satisfy the parched soul, water to bring life to places that have remained barren and desolate for many years. I am bringing the sound of water to satisfy the thirsty and many who are thirsty will travel to the well of My Spirit in this place. They will come and will not go away disappointed for I will satisfy them, says the Lord. No one shall be known in this place except for Me and no name shall be raised up except My own. I will be glorified in your midst and cause My name to be known in generations to come. I have caused the former things to come to pass and will cause these to come to pass by My Spirit, says the Lord.

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