Sunday, 7 June 2015

Word received 6.6.2015

There is a sound rising up in this place that will be carried out to many nations. It is the sound of My Spirit joining with the sound of the land. It is a sound that people have not heard before but as soon as they hear it, it will be completely familiar to them. The sound that I am raising up in this place has a counterpart in heaven where mysteries are spoken and glory is revealed. It will be a sound so attractive that even people who do not yet know Me will be drawn into its hearing, and through hearing they will be set free. The sound will be different for different people just as I speak My heart to each individual, but the sound when heard by many will be the same. The sound cannot be replicated by human means for it is the sound of My Spirit, and you will know without doubt it is Me. The earth is beginning to resonate with the sound and you will hear it in this place in the days to come, says the Lord.

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