Saturday, 2 April 2016

Don't lose hope

Don't lose hope.
It is more vital
to you
than your daily bread.

It sustains you,
nourishes you,
cleanses you,
and refreshes you.

Don't lose hope.
You can't buy it,
borrow, beg, or steal it.
It does not come
in convenient multi-packs,
half filled to avoid waste.

Don't lose hope.
You can't quantify it, define it,
measure it with metric or imperial.
But you will be truly lost without it,
unable to move one space
forward in your beckoning life.

Don't lose hope.
We take it for granted
when we have it in abundance.
That invincibility of youth,
untainted by disappointment,
who know they can do anything.

Don't lose hope.
When disaster or tragedy
visits with unwelcome abhorrence,
and leaves you with a disgust
that life can be so.

Don't lose hope.
The disciples lost it
as they saw Jesus on the cross,
but found it afresh
on the third day
with gripping intensity.

Jesus said,"I go to My Father
to prepare a place for you."

Don't lose hope.

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