Saturday, 30 April 2016


Truth is beaten down
by naysayers and die hard critics.
Cynicism is the new cool,
cursing it's language.

Truth is sidelined
as unimportant and irrelevant,
too old fashioned for words,
laughable even.

Truth is how you see it,
and you and I see it
so very differently.
We can all be right
in this age
of conformity to nonsensical logic.

Truth is changing.
Of course it is.
All good things mutate over time
as the precise facts of the evolution theory
put it.

We will create a new truth
that will last forever,
with a few parts of the old
for the sake of continuity.

Truth is guarded
by a fanatical few
with a Book revered
and stories told
of a Man who said he was Truth.

Truth has been silenced,
all in allegiance killed.
It will not be bothering us anymore.

Truth can never be destroyed.
One day He will return
and put an end to lies

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