Saturday, 23 April 2016


Sunlight shafts glimpse through
canopied Puriri,
long lived trees witnesses in that
fine missionary tamed plot of ripe earth.

Tangled deep green growth is crushed by
three generations of expectant feet
awaiting the holy solemnity
of new covenant
forged with full lipped vows and dearest declaration.

An ivy twisted, flower pinned archway
waits to behold the beauty
ushered in with bagpipe shrill.

The wild green church
encompasses the beckoned bridal throng,
blushing deeply with the first glimpsed view.

Words sung softly
wrap around the living columns,
woodland stilled by the One who is praised.

Gentle words and bold kisses
mingle on the lips
of the couple beheld.
Their hearts a whirl with
fulfillment and anticipation
of together life.

Applause rings the proclamation
of husband and wife,
sealed before God and man
underneath these ancient trees.

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