Saturday, 7 May 2016

Who looks after Mothers?

Who looks after Mothers
when they fall and scrape their knee,
when life is hard,
and friends unkind.
When the project they
are working on
doesn't go well,
and the jigsaw pieces
refuse to behave.

Who looks after Mothers
when they need a warm hug
and a friendly kiss.
A blessing softly spoken,
and today's troubles
eased by listening ears.

Who looks after Mothers
when all the world is against them,
and they need a faithful ally
who will listen
to their version of events,
and choose to believe
it wasn't all their fault.
Who wraps protective arms,
and calls forth encouragement
and purposed destiny
in the quivering heart.

Who looks after Mothers
when they just need to be held,
and told as many times as it takes
that all will be well.
Until the heaving sobs
settle with the peace of reassurance,
and a new stride
can be measured forth.

Who looks after Mothers
when all is lost,
and grief is too much to bear.
When a beloved is laid to rest
under stones and fading flowers.
When no words should be spoken,
but only hands held,
and eyes locked with understanding
that this terrible pain too will pass.

Who looks after Mothers?
They are all around you
needing to be loved,
cherished, understood,
and comforted.


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