Saturday, 14 May 2016

Choral Masterpieces

Burnished wood of violin,
cello and paler double bass,
reflect the spot light beams.
Gentleman and ladies stand
dressed in black and white,
with crisp pressed shirts,
and polished shoes.

We spend the evening
with five fine men,
long gone but not forgotten.
Handel, Mozart, Dubois,
Faure and Puccini.
Their gifted legacies
of deep talent and harder work.

One piece by Mozart at thirteen
spilling forth complex symphony
as if singing childhood rhymes.

The singers fix in concentration,
flick pages and form perfect oval
mouths as joyous words
flow out in strength.

Praise of God goes forth
joining with seraphim and cherubim
and those whose sang
these same words of truth
throughout the ages.

Violin bows dance and swing
across the strings,
fingers flying over frets,
forming perfect sounds by gifting honed.

The skilful rise and fall
of the Conductor's hands,
full of intricate command
to those who understand.

I close my eyes,
and memories flood
of places I have heard these sounds before.
Hot scented French summer days,
and cool aired towering cathedrals
where organ music flies.

Applause brings me back
to where I am;
seat I14 mid row
among these choral masterpieces.

1 comment:

Andrea Cobb said...

Hi Sarah,
Awesome writing. I love the way your expressions flow. Blessings.
Andrea Cobb, Jeypore, Odisha.