Saturday, 28 May 2016


It is a strange equilibrium
and universal continuum
that you and I
are each unique.

It would be a curious improbability
if a doppelganger existed,
a double walker,
a living counterpart of ourselves.

Someone with whom you could trade places
without anyone else being aware.

What if you could leave your life
in the hands of another,
depart your present space
with no one missing you?

A curiosity indeed,
but fraught with the difficulty
that is humanity.
What if my double
pretending to be me,
were not willing
to hand back the reins
at the appointed time?

What if they thought they were
doing a better job at being me,
and were not content to walk away from my life?

It is foolishness to wish away our life to someone else,
for no other can fully master the quintessence that is you.

We should not abdicate
but embrace our own life,
be faithful to the calling
that is ours alone.

We are unique in this universe.
There is no one like us.
Rejoice in it,
for God has made it so.

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