Saturday, 4 June 2016

New Age

A new age is here,
a madness epidemic
sweeping the sphere
seemingly unstoppable.

Illogical lies
are neatly wrapped
in double think,
and sold as brave new truth
around the globe.

Ancient falsehoods
hewn from the pits of hell,
repackaged as enlightened scientific fact
about our origins.

Higher education
forces focused young minds
to submit to the extreme corruption
of intelligent thought,
and willful rebellion against the Creator.

Male and female(as obvious reality)
no longer exists,
the plain truth
ripped and scattered
as fragments in the wind,
able only to be gathered
by the most determined souls.

Practitioners peddle their particular healing,
promising by pressing your head
to unlock up to 10,000 years of pain.

The world has left its senses by the door
and has gone into a particularly nasty storm,
of buffeting winds of nonsense,
and thick darkness that fuels despair.

God do not leave us in this place.
In your great love
bring your light
and your truth
back into
this bad new age.

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