Saturday, 11 June 2016

Identity Thief

Am I a boy or a girl?
My school says I can somehow choose,
although it does look plain to me.

I wonder why the adults are talking so.
It seems as if they should be joking
when they say such things,
but their faces are straight and serious.

I wonder if they will
let me choose next year
which animal I would like to become.
Surely now I can choose anything
and everyone will have to agree.

I think I would like to be a cat.
I will move around on all fours,
dress all in black,
and lick cream from a saucer.

I will still be able to sleep on my bed
(my parents will be pleased),
but curled up at the bottom
as do the rest of my kind.

Perhaps when I am older
I will choose to become some other animal.
Maybe a horse because they are strong
and can gallop quickly away
from things that trouble them.

My teacher has given me a form to tick.
Do I feel like I am a boy or a girl?
I shall not tick either.
I will write I think I am a cat
and see what she does next.

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