Saturday, 25 June 2016

In Flight

Apple juice
and sore knees,
drifting sleep
and mild turbulence,
plastic wrapped food
on slippery trays.

Delays on the tarmac,
waiting in queues,
snatched conversations,
and a little girl Ava
hugging my leg.

Icy blasts of
cruel air conditioning
tempered by lurid blankets,
and miniature pillows.

Complimentary papers
and bland magazines,
movies to be watched,
willing time to be stolen,
day and night chasing
us right around the globe.

Genuine time travel
and body clock confusion,
desperately willing the destination to arrive.

Joy and thanksgiving
at every safe touchdown.
Understanding the privilege of
God's revelation and
miracle engineering,
may I never take for granted
this long distance flight.

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