Saturday, 2 July 2016

Find your voice

The thought police
have struck again.
Intimidation wraps
its suffocating bands
around those who
would consider
from the
forced philosophies
expressed at every turn
during a total fire ban
on free speech.

Moderate, conservative,
family friendly, upstanding.
Words of former generations
respected now reviled
and increasingly linked
with hate crimes.

Biblical world views
once the revered bedrock
of Western Civilisation
have been more than discarded.
They are attacked, shredded,
as intolerant and unacceptable.

How has what was known as good
become so vilified?
How has what was known as evil
become so praised?

Am I guilty of remaining silent
when I should be speaking?
Is there still time to speak?

Do I need at this late hour
to clear my throat
and begin to say what I believe
rather than being silenced by fear
of what might happen to me?

I cannot go into all the world
and make disciples
if I do not speak.

God give me courage to find my voice.

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