Saturday, 16 July 2016

Historic Stately Houses

Hot Ham stone
centuries weathered,
pale colonies of miniature lichen,
bruised edges and chipped walls.
Towering chimneys like twisted marshmallows
preside over countless windows
staring at history past.

Lovingly reconstructed gardens
burst with measured English beauty,
wild nature captivated
by orderly minds.
Flower beds, vegetable gardens and old orchards
weighing generously with harvest expectation.

The cool interiors
and ancient oak staircases,
climbing upwards with so
many silent stories to tell.

Servants and masters
intrigue and passion
love and brokenness
moved in these majestic rooms.

Dusty rich tapestries
muffle footstep sounds
on thick planked floors.
Uneven flagstones
near the gaping hearths,
smooth and familiar.

May all be blessed
who seek to preserve the precious past
for future joy,
so we can glimpse
back in time
to those who were not so very different,
staring out at us
caught in heavy gilded frames.

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