Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Great British Summer

I was asked to bring
some sunshine from New Zealand
because of the blessed abundance
of that fair land.

I found myself
unable to persuade
the Sun to leave
the Long White Cloud
and customs would have proved difficult.

The cold caught me by surprise
coming from a mild and bright midwinter.
I crashed headlong into the biting chill
of a British summer,
borrowing jumpers and jackets
and considering gloves.

Wishing the Sun would remember
where this fine spread of land lies
underneath the clouds and gloom.

The wind whips around
flattening the fragrant flowers,
trying to put on a brave show
in this inclemency.

The supermarket banners proclaiming
the Great British Summer
laced with unintentional heavy irony.

Central heating heaves
into unseasonable action
and we scan the sky for blue.
Next time I will pack some sunshine
and go through customs "Something to declare".

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