Saturday, 10 September 2016

Don't stay in the hallway

When you find yourself in a hallway
of confusion,
unclear vision,
or disappointment,
do not linger too long.

Consider the hallway
not a cause for consternation,
but a choice to co-operate
with a forward call.

Do not over speak with others
why you think you are in the hallway.

Others have their reasons
for being there too,
but the over told tale
can fuel
your trembling heart's
desire for reassurance

so you forget
to seek solution
from the Author
of your answers.

Don't make your home in the hallway.
It is not meant to be
your permanent address
but a moment
on your destination journey.

Don't stay in the hallway

but go on wards

to the gateway

God has ready for you.

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