Saturday, 24 September 2016

Set up to win

If the Kingdom
is a family business,
why so often
do we not support each other?

We look with resentment
at another's field of favor,
ruing their blessing
as if it brings us loss.

We should set
each other up to win,
delighting in victory.
Not comparing
the spacious sweep of our field,
seen smaller through eye's envying
another's better blessings.

Our heavenly Father's
gracious gifts
do not finitely finish,
and when one does well
another does not go without.

Our words carry
life and death,
to encourage or discourage
that is indeed the question
we should ask ourselves.

Do not hoard up your blessing
when it greets you,
but let it continue to flow
its way to others too,
or your joy will silently suffocate
and gratitude be forgotten.

Let us reach out our hands
to those sinking in stinking mud,
and not watch them
with deliberating judgement as they fail.

Let us be faithful
in the fruitful fields of the Father,
and set each other up to win.

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