Saturday, 1 October 2016

Slow burning faith

Slow burning faith
that keeps the glowing spark alight,
and clings to the Spirit breathed promise
through years of frustration,
and yet to be seen fulfillment.

Slow burning faith
that remains in the prayer room,
when disappointment
and disillusionment
have all but cleared it
to silence.

Slow burning faith
that holds on
against impossible odds,
believing for a miracle
that appears to be permanently
lost in the post.

Slow burning faith
that knows the trustworthiness
of the Sender,
and expects the promise will arrive as perfectly created
as when it was first mentioned.

Slow burning faith
that is willing to keep the fuse lit
for decades if necessary,
before the miracle explosion
changes the life landscape forever.

So don't let doubters quench with their query's,
don't become weary with waiting,
too tired to try anymore.

Fan the tiny flame.

Wait for the answer
that will blow all
unbelief to hell.

Raise another standard
to God's faithfulness,
and to miracles
that come to those
with slow burning faith.

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