Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Edge of our Unknowing

I find myself
at the edge of my unknowing,
contemplating whether to draw back
or to take a wobbly step of faith,
because the leap
seems way too hard
at the moment.

I like the idea
that Jesus stands
a little to the side of
the edge of our unknowing,
willing us to see
how wonderful the waves are close up,
if only we would get out
of our small but stable boats.

The edge of our unknowing
is not a place
you want to wait,
for it is crowded
with the curious but apathetic.

They stay long enough
to catch a glimpse of what exists
outside their comfort zone,
and turn their backs again
on mystery and wonder.

If it is something
I can't easily explain or rationalize,
does that mean
that it is definitely not of God
or that it definitely is?

Too many of us
are fearful of knocks to prideful self
or lowering of social standing,
to risk the journey
to where our understanding
becomes of limited use,
and we have to
trust Someone else
beyond the edge of our unknowing.

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