Saturday, 22 October 2016

Radical Inclusion

To be radical
has become something to be feared.

Too much.
Too intense.
Too overwhelming
for the niceties of society,
which desires moderation
in all things,
except personal satisfaction and sinful pleasure.

To be radically inclusive,
to do away with 'us' and 'them' forever
is a shocking idea,
for it is in the very 'us' and 'them'
that we find our frail identity.

We belong to this group, this organisation, this culture
We are not like them with all their obvious differences.

We feel secure
with those who talk and think and look the same as us.

We are inwardly disturbed
when people violate our norm.

the ultimate radical,
was loved and hated for it.

He welcomed the oppressed and the oppressor,
and didn't make them sit
in designated groups.

He was present,
available to all
who would walk out of their fear,
religious leader under cover of darkness,
or prostitute openly wiping His feet with her hair.

He calls for radical inclusion
from those who would follow Him.
That none would be turned away
from seeking His Truth.

He so loved the world.



We should do the same.

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