Saturday, 15 October 2016


Do we need to keep playing pretend,
with assumptions
received by head
but not by heart?

Do we need to keep doing
the right things for the wrong reasons,
trapped by expectations
to fulfill religious obligation?

Theory theology,
safely disconnected from life,
in case any sparks of faith
might set alight
a gospel glow
so unpretentious
Jesus would enjoy it.

We stick with opinions
bitterly fought for,
rather than beliefs
written with
love stained ink
on hearts honest and raw,
longing for grace and truth.

Truth truer than true
can only be found
away from practiced performance
of religious rite.

This is relationship reality,
sons and daughters
belonging to our Father,
co heirs with Christ.

No higher purpose or agenda
than belonging
in eternal family.

The beginning and the end
of the journey,
the Father's love for us.

If only we would receive it,
and turn forever
towards belonging.

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